Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pakistan throw a huge sum USD 567

Pakistan throw a huge sum USD 567,000 create nation spinning research center

Pakistan the nation spins and weaves the research center is completed recently, the center invests 55,600,000 Pakistan rupee(about USD 567,000)s and locates at in the fee Sa to pull to expect spinning university(NTU) in the virtuous whole country.The completed rites Pakistan spins and weaves an industrial department on that day the minister Mach Du Mu ·Xie Ha the pudding attend ceremony.

Xie Ha's pudding mean, this is Pakistan the first spinning research center, will undertake a new fiber development and modern fiber to wait to study a work in the yarn and the use in the fabric.President Ni of the NTU university is second ·the moxa admire to exceed a virtuous Doctor an introduction way, the construction of the research center costs about 21,600,000 rupees, and having another 34,000,000 rupees will be used for affairs like machinery equipment purchase,etc.

Xie Ha's pudding point out, although Pakistan spin and weave profession to face various difficulties, after the joint effort of industry, this wealth the year is first half year(July, 2012~December) of, Pakistan the textile product export still carried out 8.55% growths.

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