Wednesday, October 31, 2012

there is an unexpected stitching and ankle boots

No matter
stitching or collage, or mixed colors, T stage in this year's autumn and winter was unusually active, designers go for it, the star of countless fans of. In fact, its roots do not have to be investigated, "fight" type of fashion long ago in the East, for example, we are most familiar with the "Quilt" is the most original and authentic sources. And recently wealthy wife Cathy personally demonstration embrace Aiko photos into "hundreds", regardless of high society, or the mass of civilians "fight" to full strength.
stitching Art
stitching fashion the reason why popular around the world, mainly because the public is no longer just fascinated immutable trend, especially over the past decade mashup trend favorite, prompting stitching wave rise until it becomes routine. Circle to be on the favorites to the power of interpretation of the splicing topic, none other than the non-BALENCIAGA. Maggie Cheung in full pursuit of the date, from five years ago, the brand to bring us not only motorcycle bag, there is uninhibited and smooth stitching art. Self-taught design director Nicholas never stingy to show their love "stitching" Ever since, every quarter almost see the stitching of the leather and cotton fabric, whether a dress or a little jacket, cape or the A-line skirt . But a clear understanding of the splicing of this faction seems quite restrained, from the color to the lines of interpretation, not too rough pattern. This much a master of style designers recognized---helm CELINE Phoebe, her playing splicing Art is very simply simple.
season hot stitching combination, including the fight patent leather hides, leather fight cotton fabric, tulle fight lace and so on. Each show's style is quite different, but the common point is very rosy.
to fight color and collage
splicing of different materials has not let everyone feel enjoyable Ever since, mixed colors with collage swaggering up again. Mixed colors actually usually around the other two processes carried out at the same time, combined with geometric patterns and fluorescent colors popular in recent years, wave, so popular mixed colors, very eye-catching. Is to strengthen the three-dimensional collage of beautiful at, is to show some special theme, collage well convey the designer's intention, not just material concoction.
in footwear within the context of the "fight" concept is also quite popular, popular clothing almost the same top footwear, so we see the high-heeled shoes, perhaps satin stitching nubuck leather; Boots is also possible that Velvet stitching the skins plus on lace. Although the material is not spliced ??blocks of color stitching and materials appeared to be quite active, looks very lively. And even if we browse in the ordinary on the counter, and is able to see the color stitching shoes, such as toe sequins fight velvet material body of the shoe. You know, the benefits of the "fight shoes for Bigfoot girls is quite obvious, the flexible use of different color and texture, visual, cause shoe size may be" in vain "less a yard.
patent leather to fight wild animal specified action, there is an unexpected stitching and ankle boots. (Miu Miu)
has always love to the stitching the concept show people the BALENCIAGA seasonal work is still full of flavor. 

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