Thursday, January 3, 2013

Thirteen international THAT'S ALL fashion brand Women

Shenzhen City thirteen Fashion Co., Ltd. is a modern clothing enterprise, including thirteen (Hong Kong) and thirteen (Shenzhen), with strong financial strength and modern management methods, determined to become the most customer championed women's enterprise. ", the implementation of a century entrepreneurship, creating a model of branded apparel.
thirteen international THAT'S ALL fashion brand women's interpretation of the noble and romantic and elegant
the thirteen international THAT'S ALL fashion brand ladies interpretations noble romantic and elegant
"thirteen" deep implications from Lao Tzu "Tao Te Ching": Dawson, one two, two three, three students of all things. "THAT'S ALL the thirteen company's brand, has been extensively nationwide shop Hangzhou Tower, Beijing Cuiwei Shenyang Zhuozhan, Zhuozhan Dalian Mykal headquarters, City of Dalian centuries, Shenzhen Jinguanghua, Jiefangbei new century Xi'an Minsheng line shopping malls have settled, THAT'S ALL costumes handsome style popular among consumers.
thirteen international THAT'S ALL fashion women's interpretation of a noble romantic and elegant
THAT, S ALL conform to fashion trends, style referral between neutral and female, concise introduction of three-dimensional structures, embodies freedom advocates, personalized to meet handsome female dress code, the avant-garde but not exaggerated, contains elegant handsome, with a relaxed casual will be fine modern and stylish represents the typical image of the handsome women, in a nutshell: elegant handsome.

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