Wednesday, May 8, 2013

"GUCCI is that I like very much

After sky back service, the Ruan is unveiled to attend Gucci for the very first time 2013 Milan autumn winter the men's wear fashionable dresses show

January 14, 2013-Milan GUCCI gladly declares to hold the autumn of 2013 in the Milan on January 14, 2013(Italian local time) a winter man the series fashionable dresses show, and dint's inviting a brand goodwill ambassador is also a hot idol gold Ruan of Ma Ying Di of good friend-China Taiwan of brand through attendance in sky.This also is Ruan through sky after experiencing successively to serve as soldier to undergo military service for the very first time publicly be unveiled of activity.

Ruan after sky formally back service right away step on to fly the travel of leaving for the Milan.When be asked and why choose that GUCCI is to back service after head the brand that is publicly unveiled, he says:"GUCCI is that I like very much, the brand of devotion.The brand draws on me very much for the spirit of handicrafts persistence and respect.But reach • in creations director general Fu of GucciThe men's wear that the Gu Nuo Ni(Frida Giannini) designs annually usually brings me the surprise of accident! My no time for waiting thinks that the fashionable dresses that see latest releases." The small sky of this trip not only includes to participate in a fashionable dresses show, but also is located in visit brand the museum and work shop etc. of Florence, with understand brand the deep cultural content and consummate handicraft create technical skill.

military service life not only experience and training small sky of,Cheap Ralph Lauren polo Shirts, more accumulated Dian for him mature man's flavor.We will one by one make a show of for you small sky of how it all makes a show of him in the vogue different and former magic power.Please expect,true religion jeans for sale!

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