Thursday, July 25, 2013

Stella McCartney clothing 2013 the autumn new product serieses early deduce city life in New York

Stella McCartney 2013 the autumn serieses early take the fine fashion of city life in New York as to design keynote and integrate into the detail design for picking of all new modern chemical element and.
have to pound at dint very much of several what grain is a special this quarter sense of vision game, at wrong see a floral silk, stick to embroider or the design of black and white thick grain silk quality one-piece dress up bring into relief.Neutral qualities and super big Kuo form drive all new annotation:Does the Tuo color wheat Er ascend wool coat and grain floral silk quality shirt and embroidery the thick grain trousers match.The silk quality tube form long skirt with scarlet and pomegranate's redly and gradually changing countenance breadth grain is colourful brilliant.
the white lines Be roved around to the outline edge of hiding the blue wool coat, shirt and Kuo leg trousers, emphasize for loving dearly soft relaxed Kuo form pleasant impression.Lines sharp grey color thick flower is the cape cami elastic to spend connect body miniskirt, take to have the turtle back the paint of the line heel of shoe light the short Xue settle for the whole Kuo form Jian Yue but straightforward keynote.
layer of fine lift to spend big area of craft of usage at mark sexual feather blossom pattern in, such as black or hide refreshing significant embroidery of the blue wool coat lift a flower, bring vitality and complicated pleasant impression.Or slightly astringent, with a style of miniskirt that lifts to spend sport jacket to match to have significant feather heavy flower embroidery pattern.At the same time, scarlet, the wine is red and the usage of pomegranate red etc. elegant color, let to knit to spend pattern to break out a different rhyme to adjust of cast a glamour Fei colourful.Feather heavy flower embroidery trousers with knit the flower is complicated to matching of Jin western dress coat medium see American 凖 eagle that the texture , on the cotton quality sports shirt of cami, specially design stick to embroider arrestive more.

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