Friday, August 23, 2013

American Lower House leaders to support yarn's pushing forward rule in the habitat

the U.S. Congress leader to hand in a letter that is signed by American 167 members of Lower Houses to the United States to trade to represent office(USTR), this letter gets support of the organization committee(NCTO) of whole country spinning in the United States.
this letter appeal to strengthen textile product rule, include"the yarn pushes forward" rule in the habitat and eliminate a sensitive product over a long period of time the tariff bring into currently the United States and 11 other nations to under way across Pacific Ocean colleague's relation(TPP) negotiation negotiate in.After 76 member of Lower Houses of 2012 sign a similar letter, have already raised to the strength for support that strengthens textile product rules 100% many.
the strong spinning rule let the existing free trade negotiate success and make all participants mutual benefit and contribute to stimulating the United States is more than USD 25,000,000,000 double of to pack trade to the textile product kimono annually with its free-trade agreement colleague's.
NCTO president of association card Si John Be lousy to say, Western Hemisphere and the textile product kimono of Africa pack a supply chain to contain 2,000,000 work posts, and these work posts all rely on to powerfully carry out the trade principle of rule in the habitat of"the yarn pushes forward".Across Pacific Ocean colleague relation(TPP) maintenance with strengthen this and the rule of other importance, ensure that the free trade is also a fair trade, go to pass importance.

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