Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Designer always old good Pierre Cardin the deluxe fashionable dresses show stage a comeback

we always think of the name of those fashionable dresses field golden ages, in addition to lending brand Elsa the Schiaparelli renew is brief to come out again of"Gao settles of absolute being" Christian Lacroix, we also think of the master who leads off in China to do a show Pierre Cardin.Even if the Pierre Cardin brand makes brand image damaged because of the authorization that doesn't add forbearance, but his ingenious design with incomparablely tailor to still keep folding the public.
good news is Pierre Mr. Cardin on the early time in this week first time held his high class to make to order a show, this show is together apart from his first show every 60 years.The fashionable dresses is shown he Maxim's la Nuit in personal restaurant that is located in Paris holds, "I have already put on a show for 60 years in my life, at present I miss to represent I display me to like by myself of, no longer undertake any obligation, " Mr. Cardin truely comes to a the state of do what one wants to do at present, "this is my house, I decides that I want of, I am very free."Pierre also tells WWD, " this is gathering of a modern style, didn't lead tight girdle, or complicated detail, everythings are all light loose."

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