Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Hermes releases an ocean chemical element new style of aroma

at the mention of ocean, what to present brain is that that Zhan is blue, then is that very salty sea breeze first.Rightness of, believe that the flavor of ocean is very salty in the memory of most people.Famous extravagant brand Hermes hermes"smell fragrant series" releases in 2013 of new style of perfume Epice Marine beat an ocean chemical element for the lord, although didn't take some ocean composition, but was full of oceanic flavor.And adjust the joss-stick teacher Jean-Claude according to the Hermes Ellena introduce, the style's perfume can start to hang up people's infinite fancy to the ocean, good place oneself between the sea sky.

the style of new joss-stick constitute to°from the little fennel, the Zhen son, sesame and cinnamon, nutmeg and Buddha's hand Gan, Whisky and vanilla compositions such as root and oak Tai etc., how see all is with east of bitter joss-stick spice is lord, have point by surprise.However, believe medium the result collided for combining west will definitely also have different flavor.

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