Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Profession's turning cold another high level in England shoe Lyu brand is procured

front soon we all once inquired into, over a year, this year's luxury goods professions were all subjected to which pound at, for high level diversified luxury goods brand but speech, looked for more economy growths to order probably ability safety to get through depression this time.But go together with to decorate profession but speech to the one, don't so easily and easily spend.
according to the London's latest news, British Xie Lyu company Kurt Geiger be been procured with USD 372,000,000 by Cinven.Procure this time, from Europe private our company predominance of procure item, represent Cinven the head in the vogue industry pen investment.
if the discussion rises The that Sycamore Partners procured before now Jones Group brand, so very obviously, vogue industry well-known Stuart Weitzam and Kurt Geiger two shoe Lyu brands was all procured by the capital organization.
and like Jimmy Choo and red bottom shoe Louboutin is similar, Kurt Geiger is extoled by numerous stars.So, exactly is why this do another shoe Lyu brands all suffer disadvantageous circumstances?
data suggest, we can know, a card that purely go together with decoration impossibly and easily integrates into more diversified ready-to-wear clothes strategy the mode , at the same time, excessively exaggerate a being in conjunction with of leather product effect to also make the brand original intention for establishing hard realization.
no matter how it is say, the one goes together with to decorate becoming of profession cold have already become fact, from open to swarm about regiment distress sale Sergio Rossi arrive at present Kurt Geiger of be procured, all have already clearly elaborated a , this theory.
Article from:  https://www.vongo.tn/docs/licences.php

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