Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Strange over weather Easter connects a pot of H& M to deliver March wealth report the earnings increase faintly

released a quarterly degree in former times the wealth report has already been thrown to go to take turns to bad-mouth of H& amp;M, release 2016 year agos three months of wealth reports recently, this time in addition to becoming growth to slow reason to blame to the weather, and the rise a new of back pot Xia:Easter.
according to know, at up to March 31, 2016 of three months ago in, the group gross earnings recorded low growth, contrast 2015 wealth the middle of the year high speed of the double number increased much obviously inferior to.On the contrast one wealth year same period, the group records 2%ly and faintly to increase.Detailed wealth's numbering off don't reveal according to the group, group CEO means, henceforth of two quarter, degree the accomplishment expect and change under the influence of the weather unfathomable, therefore, hard to do to concretely anticipate.Is particularly this year because of the influence of the late spring, also caused Eastertide's slow down arriving, thus influenced group in March together store sale circumstance.
moreover, the follow-up of open winter influence still didn't clear, and the slow arrival of Eastertide, more influenced the group expresses in the sale in the Eastertide, group CEO means, last year same period Easter wants to compare this year early, as a result the sale performance in last year same period wants compare being good friends with of this year.
up to March 31, the group totally has 3997 door stores, contrast last year same period of 3580 door stores Be clean to increase 417 door stores.Extending of such high speed speed, but record the growth of low, on the other hand probably also corroborated hurl to go to bad-mouth it reason, H& amp;the M mainly depend on high-speed growth to offset the blemish of its brand profit ability.
however, the group didn't approve its parlance.But for wash white, H& amp;the M obviously want much quicker than going together the opponents of industry to want.No matter is start environmental protection series still and start an environmental protection recall for week public welfare activity.But this time invitation come to M.I.A and numerous helps that is popular to take a lot of trouble, can help brand hard anticipate, currently but see, H& amp;the M want to acquire continuously of growth, in addition to transforming, also needing to adjust sale strategy probably would have some kind of Be.

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