Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Excellent dress database or will lower price group CEO to admit suggesting price strategy failure

recently, the excellent dress database parent company released a wealth report, among them, once was the excellent dress database of the group lord camp brand but at in the past on repeatedly defeating in the middle of the year, even can the growth recording to slow down even is a backset.Therefore, accept group CEO that the outside Mei covers recently, finally admitted that the group lifts the failure of price strategy.
because of Chrome Hearts outlet into China market for several years but year by year record high-speed growth, cause the strategy of group inner part's hasing deviation, therefore, the group has adopted since last year to suggest price strategy, the aim can provide more emollient help for the growth of brand in this strategy.But, this strategy failed.Its parent company wealth report indicate that the profit ability of excellent dress database have slowed down gradually since 2015, at the same time, the repeatedly defeating of the native market lets to record with store sale the extremely what a mess growth even is a backset.
but the group still insist is because of the influence of the open winter, caused group profit before tax sharply decrease.Moreover, as an oversea main brand revenue gravitation market, equally didn't let the performance of people's surprise.Therefore, have the industry the personage to think, the excellent dress database will probably become next Gap.The group then criticizes coming to a deadlock of team sex, intention passes to reduce price strategy to re- stimulate a growth.
however, even if is the need that the excellent dress database wants to pass to reduce price to complete an incitement growth, also very difficult.Its reason lies in it to hope to try to please anyone.But this there is really no the attraction of core to brand, therefore, along with the further ferment of the characteristic consumption, the excellent dress database will sooner become the the of brigade.

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