Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Old Navy the profit ability need save a parent company to urgently declare to appoint Sonia urgently to Syngal is a chief executive officer

the front soon released April wealth report of Gap group, be subjected to day off the earnings falls back for quarter of reason, the group increases the Navy profit ability of Old of one of the engines repeatedly fall back, the group has already not sunk to live to annoy.
Old Navy section director general already after take a post a director general Stefan Larsson have been getting empty to lack after leaving office October, last year.But for starting to re- stimulate Old Navy in the past sturdy growth ability, group's appointing Sonia Syngal is the new chief executive officer of brand, will lead Old Navy to re- set out.
according to know, Sonia Syngal is in the Gap group work for 12 years, mainly be responsible for supply chain and product business, have abundant retail price experience, recently return be appointed by the group for the retail price of the group a deluxe deputy governor, part-time at the same time group world business supply chain and the work of product.Be transfer to this, the group still appointed Jill at the same time Stanton is Sonia Syngal strategic adviser, will help it completes Old Navy work of don't sew to answer.
although have this two gold medals is adding to hold, the design obviously has no other rivals generally outstanding, the topic also obviously has no so high Old Navy at the same time can because of this but does the salty fish greatly turn over a body?Come from the luxury goods group presses to also let Old to the Nian of evaluation lightly extravagant market the Navy headway road is many several heavy obstacles.

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