Friday, October 25, 2013

Francesco Trapani sells in hand LVMH group share

take charge of the news of section AMF to express according to France market, Francesco Mr. Trapani sold to in hand hold of be worth of the LVMH group share of EUR 13,000,000.On June 17, this LVMH group jewelry and watch department chief executive officer, the Bulgari brand initiates the person's great-grandson Francesco Trapani sold the share of being worth of EUR 3,200,000, and 2 day after, is also June 19, Francesco Mr. Trapani again sells the share of being worth of EUR 9,600,000 and altogether add of 100000 share the average selling price is between each EUR 127.5-128.15.
Francesco Mr. Trapani drew in the survey of Italian and make false report income recently, other 2 of the Bulgari household became to also draw in at this time, according to report, in Marchary, the tax police of Italy confiscated severals wade a matter Bulgari supervisor of the house property, life insurance and investment in enterprise etc. can check capital, the value is or so for about EUR 46,000,000.

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