Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Edun brand autumn ladys' wear is simple and crude to mix to take breeze to set off clothing strong and tough acquaint with feeling

before taking up a post, Edun's new appointee creativity's director general's Danielle's Sherman's autumn 2013 of Edun ladys' wear show field still from serve another term a designer Sharon Wachoub to steer for 6 quarters.The designer acquires creations inspiration from second culture, the modern parties, motorcycle clan, and garbage rock'n roll...etc. are all entirely young to turn a classic chemical element can in Edun originally the quarter search.

Sharon Wachoub after releasing will end speak about "I don't want to use punk this phrase", can say that this is an and mixs the quarterly of various chemical element.The square space legging in 90's, the sharp end Xue in 80's and motorcycle jacket, but have to say whole effect moderate very much.

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