Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Italian shoe industry local market doesn't flap to suggest to expand an oversea market

make a shoe industry is the traditional advantage profession of Italy, the shoe product of its manufacturing good quality, possess a great reputation within the scope of world.After economic crisis explosion in the world in 2008, Italy of the economy suffered serious stroke, many professions all fall into an unprecedented crisis.Ever since that time in 2008 economic crisis, Italian and local shoe consumption in the market year by year reduces.
the Italy-made shoe company descend in the domestic sale, the difficulties lives, Italian shoe industry association chairman gram Lei give(Cleto) in the report to mention, the local market in Italy F through saturation, export to speak into a pass to the Italian shoe industry importance, make a shoe industry to need to expand an oversea market hard.
the Italian shoe industry export center of gravity start changing direction Asia and Eastern Europe, report suggests and exported Russia to increase 14.7% last year, 17.1% in Japan, Hong Kong increased 20.4%, China rose 40.7%.The shoe amount of industry exports raises 15.2% and increases 3.4% in 2011 in 2010, the exit descended to reduce 4.5% and export an amount but reduced 6.2% this year in 2012.Because small business enterprise from sold inside the country exit, demand afresh establishment sale outlet, all the difficulties, the gram Lei gives to appeal that the exit of the government to the small and medium enterprises gives a help.
for the sake of protection Italy-made shoe industry, profession association also asks Brussels to is strong to carry out original habitat marking towards importing shoe compulsorily, this because some Asian business enterprises imitate to build France and Italian brand to cheat a consumer and earning a large amount of profits.The report still illustrates with example to import a product to use harmful material and brings injury to consumer.Combine to remind a consumer, Europe produces of the shoe product is to be subjected to EU quality procedure effective.

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