Friday, November 23, 2012

ASEM Apparel Industry Cooperation Forum held in Urumqi

September 7, the first Asia-Europe Apparel Industry Cooperation Forum held in Urumqi, senior government officials from the Secretariat of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the Central Asian countries and garment enterprises at home and abroad on behalf of nearly 200 people attended the forum.
Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Party Committee Standing Committee, Regional Vice Chairman Couget West · buy together Sautet said in his speech, the first Asia-Europe cooperation forum of the garment industry, promote the development of the garment industry, to promote regional integration of the Asia-Europe regional characteristics exchanges and cooperation is of great significance. The garment industry is the pillar industry in Xinjiang and an important livelihood industry. Xinjiang textile and garment industry development policy advantages, resources, and regional and market advantages. The state and the autonomous region attaches great importance to the development of the textile and garment industry, vigorously develop the garment industry in Xinjiang, will attract the garment industry and processing base in Xinjiang is in the transfer phase, will certainly help to promote trade and exchanges and cooperation in China and West Asia and Europe.
Secretariat Counsellor Luo Guangming of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the world-famous ancient "Silk Road" closely linked to China and the countries of the Eurasian region. This is both a commerce and traffic of the road, more countries and cultural exchanges, the road to integration and dialogue, and made ??a great contribution to the common development and prosperity of human civilization. Fashion Festival and Forum held in Xinjiang this refreshing. It is time to promote the traditional friendship of the peoples in the region, to promote cultural exchanges and cooperation, a useful attempt for the revival of the "Silk Road". I hope by the Asia-Europe Silk Road Fashion Festival, so fully blend of national culture, beauty and fashion to bring you decorate our lives, enrich our cooperation.
In the forum, the Central Asian countries, a number of government and association officials were on their clothing trade market situation and prospects for cooperation delivered a speech, the forum has become the apparel industry cooperation between China and the Central Asian countries to expand exchange platform.

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