Sunday, November 4, 2012

Winter jacket jeans Xiaoqinghe trendy flavor

deer lantern sleeve sweater, clothes size basically no limit, fat, thin, you can wear it , very comfortable, infinitely elegant color suddenly appeared. Fresh seductive look with jeans, and instantly improve temperament.
casual long-sleeved dress, this skirt design the novel, to go out absolutely not Zhuangshan the. Tassels and fishnet design style, chic and beautiful. The upper body was also very effective. Inside the ride Slim playing under wear jeans, mix and match a fresh, sweet look, very charming.
hooded in a long paragraph cotton-padded clothes, has a lovely pattern of elk clothes whole gives a warm, warm feeling. Inside the ride Slim leggings to wear under jeans coupled with Martin boots, fresh and neat style exciting endless.

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