Monday, November 5, 2012

Hot pursuit of the new season trend Uniqlo suit evaluation

Lead: cool autumn, how to wear to both warm and not too bloated, with a stylish suit, issues all resolved. UNIQLO (Uniqlo) a fine suit either piercing your the stylish simplicity gas field, can also be a reflection of your personal taste, first look at the beauty network clothing editor presented for your suit evaluation!

Uniqlo this black stretch will suit, the version generous and self-cultivation, comfortable and easy to wear. Fabric soft close, on the order of texture and luster; sleeves lined with fashionable striped design, enhance their personal fashion sense. Predecessor with a two-button design, fashion models specific modification of the simple beauty of the fast fashion brand.
evaluation methods: the suit sleeves as part of the test, the sleeves and clutching a ball, a flat rate of 10 seconds, release the hand to observe the fabric drooping folds and wrinkles after 15 minutes after recovery.
scoring criteria: fabric maximum score of 10 points
evaluation identified divided into [-10 points does not wrinkle easily wrinkled degree evaluation microfold-6 points, easy to fold-2 sub]
scoring criteria: suit fade degree of evaluation the highest score 10 points
evaluation identified divided into [can not afford to-10 points, slightly off-6 points,-2 points easy to swap 】
scoring criteria: the suit lining workmanship evaluation maximum score of 5
evaluation identified divided into [flat-5 wrinkle-2 points shrink-2 points]

evaluation methods: We have invited a body proportions are very close to the standard size models, demonstrating the degree of Cikuan suit fit. The suits fit or not the most important aspect of the shoulder and the length should use the usual posture at the same time to check for fit, feel the comfort of the front, side and back.
scoring criteria: suit real try on effect evaluating the highest score 10 points </>
evaluation identified divided into a size standard degree 【match-5 points,-2 points discrepancies]
2. upper body 【fit-5 points,-2 points loose, too tight-2 points]

easy to fold degree-6 points
 fade degrees-10 points
sewing process-5 points
clinch process-5 points
lining workmanship-2
Reality try on-10 points
experts concluded:
UNIQLO UNIQLO this black suit with high-quality fabrics, deduce the cut lines full of feminine charm. The inadequacies of the fabric is easier to fold, to restore the flat rate. This suit is lined cutting enough fine, cuffs and hem at the minor outstanding. Style, both suitable for wearing in the office, or with casual jeans, sewing design of each detail at more elegant show the details of the deal.

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