Friday, November 2, 2012

Waist long coat was thin cover hip essential

camel double-breasted long coat, which take the Polka Dot Dress, small high waist cut to create a perfect proportion, with black stockings, and create wider at the effect of the exceptionally slim legs.

this pure
in a long black coat unique cloak-cut highlights fashion taste, with black tights and boots instantly make you look a size reduction, low-key green handbag break light body.

long suit jacket, of the
this dark gray the perfect crop cultivation to create starched good body, inside the ride bottoming shirt + white vest + black lapel cardigan to create a rich layering, stylish and elegant.

dark gray snowflakes in long elegant ably suit jacket, which take the white T-shirt + dark red shorts, the small waisted wearing to create the perfect proportion, pants with stockings and high-heeled boots, exceptionally slender legs.

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