Tuesday, March 5, 2013

after the creations that multiply greatly continuously in backlog and life of the show field

TOM DONG deluxe fashionable dresses' releasing will hold

live apart for three years, TOM DONG(Dong Huai Guang) left to profoundly print to record to us at the vogue field by sharp sense of vision.Is Chinese high class to make to order a full dress designer, TOM DONG has been taking orders to be in line with nations and absorb foreign excellent cultural bottom Yun and our country to design the design direction that the principle combines together.

from November, 2008 《royal feast 》 of Peking China international fashionable dresses week, till September, 2009 《evil spirit · delude 》 of fashionable dresses in Guangdong week, again till November, 2009 international Chinese fashionable dresses week of 《color · guide 》 , after the creations that multiply greatly continuously in backlog and life of the show field, on October 28, 2012 the 751 D.Parks in Peking cartful vogue, Jian Yue holding also have a creation very much of deluxe full dress make to order to release meeting 《light · shadow 》 , decorate an art and modern craft by 20th century of perfect combine, represent TOM DONG high class make to order of cultural bottom Yun, represent a kind of feeling Wu and a kind of bosom old, a kind of change and innovation of vitality.Famous costume design master, Zhang Zhao, reaches to say:"TOM DONG with the low key, quiet, have tension, intricately woven together,シャネル アウトレット, delicately and extremely of work, present a flexible life to the clothing.For the confidence of the craft, the decomposition of style remoulds and completes in one breath and have been TOM DONG deluxe full dress pursue of source head."Famous costume design teacher Liu Yang evaluates like this:DONG of TOM takes special angle of view as a female to bring an infinite surprise and open a sky to split ground to give like one love of beauty the personage bring colorful painting book.

very such time 《light · shadow 》 , bring the audience more surprises, more impacts of sense of visions.Is flowing freely of have the craft of skin texture to put together to answer towards answering, plait wrinkly shape and very, what true silk screen cloth has is natural to hang to hang feeling, the construction gives vent to anger a strong pole endow with the sense of vision of sense of vision royal feast to enjoy, under the spotlight of queen, hand over the modern craft that the female graceful and charming curve enrich with texture to mutually act in cooperation, highlight a person to the United States of the impressions of the thing and the stylish high level of the clothing.

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