Wednesday, March 6, 2013

have intention to building up the investor that produces a base in Indonesia has to notice of BE

Thai brand clothing industry desire to Indonesia military advance

in full form research center in Thailand released a report to say recently, current, the Thai clothing industry competition turned worse further and expanded to trade an outlet and left for an overseas investment to become one of the magic weapon of business enterprise existence.The in full form research center thinks that one of the investment destinations being worth Thai clothing business enterprise to pay attention to in the ASEAN nation Indonesia, the country spinning clothing profession investment advantage performance below four:

in the aspects of trading, Indonesian economy sturdy growth, citizen's income keeps on an exaltation and also strengthens further to the purchasing power of clothing product.Recent 4~5 in the last years Indonesian clothing importing the total keep on a growth, the clothing export value of Thailand to Indonesia also equally keeps a growth situation.

in the aspects of investing, Indonesia spins and weaves the outside company of clothing industry to directly invest a total amount to incline to to keep on a growth, and the ASEAN economic common body establishes to will draw on more foreign capitals into Indonesia in 2015, because Indonesia owns labor force ample and wage rate lower advantage, its manufacturing industry has a higher competition ability in the ASEAN.

in the market, the clothing retail in Indonesia exists very big business opportunities, supporting the factor is Indonesian urbanization to develop bring of to clothing consume the need keep on a growth.In addition, because the personal status of Indonesian consumer to the clothing pursues is close with Thailand, the purchasing power keeps on to build up, Thai clothing executive should opportunity to hold tight, at Indonesian all the income higher main city set up Thai the clothing brand discount store.

the in full form research center predict, the above-mentioned beneficial factor will pull 2012's Thailand to attain USD 8,000,000 to Indonesian clothing export total and together compare to increase 43.0%.Turn process in the 2013~2015 years ASEAN integral whole in, the clothing export of Thailand to Indonesia also already hope keep on increasing, support a factor in addition to Indonesian economy in addition to increase, also come from more and more Thai business enterprises to include retail management company's kimono to pack exporter to develop trade and investment to Indonesia.

Thai clothing retail a total amount to be up to USD 11,000,000,000 in the clothing of Indonesian have a bigger development on the market of potential, the reason is Thai product quality good,Prada Women T-shirt, Thai brand is in the public praise in the local consumer very good, become the pass that Thai clothing management company gets into Indonesia, make of much easier than develop marketing in the market.However, Thailand also faces a challenge when Indonesia market acquires opportunity:Because the foreign business enterprise makes every effort to expand Indonesia market and make use of producing a base as Indonesian, Indonesian clothing industry competition will turn worse further, this may become in the future Thai business enterprise to expand a market in Indonesian domestic and from Thailand to the obstacle that Indonesia exports.

have intention to building up the investor that produces a base in Indonesia has to notice of BE, various local laws in Indonesia usually the occurrence change,prada, and the labor method is very strict.If not and closely follow laws variety, trade the investment will be subjected to influence but can not develop smoothly.In addition, although Indonesian worker sews an efficiency higher, the hard competence needs the work of consummate technical skill and becomes the soft rib of Indonesian labor force.In addition, go to Indonesia invests of the foreign manufacturer increase to cause to appear missing problem of labor and business enterprise in the future to battle out the phenomenon of labor mutually.

therefore, 2~3 years before ASEAN economic common body establishes in 2015 in, Thai management company of military advance Indonesia market competes after still hasing bigger business opportunities, and establishing in the ASEAN economic common body will more vigorous, Thai dealer will also face more rigorous challenge.

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