Friday, March 8, 2013

make it lightly loose loose do hair.

The shell copies a 3 D magic mirror to guide shoes to take stores to overcome a terminal market

take profession stock in the shoes the pressure increase with each passing day at that moment, how let store profit ability in the terminal door raise, became one of business enterprise the toughest problems in the stores.In addition to providing high-quality product and perfect service, continuously satisfying the shopping of consuming the community the experience is also very important, only walk into momentary of store at the customer of target to hold tight business opportunities for the prison prison, offer the utmost effort ground stimulate it to purchase desire, and facilitate end bargain, so as to acquire huge market wealth.

however, currently the shoes take among the process of management in the store, the head quarter meets some bottlenecks and solve the problem, customer problem of the product demonstration of store in the terminal door and clinch a deal among them problem, change to pack a problem, relate to whether the stores can gain both honor and riches.Along with continuously developing of science and technology, more and more of the business enterprise store make use of the advanced achievement of various each kind and concentrate on customer's experience that promotes terminal, this not only is only to creatively try, but also is the superior capital that outstrips to go together a rival, also increase power for store in the terminal door, arouse a doubling of accomplishment thus.

the equipmentses like the brand series 3 D showroom magic mirror,etc of shell shadow electronics limited company in Hunan development, were subjected to the consistent recommendation that many shoes take business enterprise store.Is a gather a soft hardware of electronics development, produce, sale is integral whole of high new technique business enterprise, company with lend world class creativity development team, and latest of high level technique, make an uniqueness,Ralph Lauren Shirts, full of imagination dint, have the breathing in ages of creative type the vogue series electronics product, independence development include to be applicable to"the shell copies a 3 D the body try a dress magic mirror" of the dress profession, be applicable to"the shell copies the 3 D shoes mirror" of the shoes hat industry, be applicable to the terminal door store showroom product of thing, wedding dress, jewelry etc. of dress, shoes hat and bed demonstration of"the shell copies the 3 D showroom magic mirror", be applicable to "the shell copies a multi-media hair care mirror set" of hair care profession etc..Pre-eminent brand core competencies established a shell shadow electronics limited company in Hunan solid market position.

"the shell copies a 3 D the body try a dress magic mirror"-be a customer and stand in front of"magic mirror", can pass and wield the clothing that the hands choice likes, and easy"wear" before mirror up, synchronously display front and back effect.In addition, returning can take the picture tried on conservancy, be convenient for the customer to carry on many suit decoration contrast purchase.When screen no man operates, the interface will automatically broadcast business enterprise image and new product clothing advertisement."The shell copies a 3 D the body try a dress magic mirror" averted from the traditional mode of product display and helped a customer to choose a fully satisfied product and also let the accomplishment of business enterprise successively increase.

"the shell copies the 3 D showroom magic mirror"-the customer across showroom glass can the 3 Ds quickly change clothing, change a wedding dress, change a shoes hat and change jewelry etc., the person doesn't enter a store and then can "wear" a product at from already of body up;Can also across the showroom glass 3 Ds to soar to the skies to browse other products.Let the customer who pass by store in the terminal door round the product of view business enterprise store on his/her own initiative, and pass to broadcast business enterprise image a customer is attracted to the slice and related promotion activity to enter a store, at any time with engrave of interactive the mode flow the person out of the store to convert into cash to flow, increase to clinch a deal to lead and make a store accomplishment double thus.

"the shell copies a multi-media hair care mirror set"-let the customer copy in the shell the screen of hair care mirror set up can synchronously see the image of his/her own positive back, and quickly change functions, such as hair style and skin quality examination...etc.;Can also allow the customer to get to the Internet, go to television/movie, play games, chat QQ and transact etc., help a customer to beat to deliver to slowly and longly wait for time, make it lightly loose loose do hair.

the shell copy a 3 D magic mirror of horizontal vacate a life time, became popular business of realm, become helping of terminal earnings in the business enterprise store to push a machine.Only depend on the application of high new technique product under the situation that market compete a vehemence, marketing moment ten thousand change, so as to control the words power of profession, carry out overall victory in the terminal.The present consumer likes a fresh and special experience, the shell copies a 3 D the magic mirror is to hold tight this delicate of mental state feeling, release a related product by creative principle, make use of a number to turn path annotation brand essence, thus guide trade a behavioral creation, bring billowing wealth for business enterprise store.

currently, 100 business enterprise stores of the workshop, the dream Jie different professions, such as Fang and beautiful baby...etc. in the house of the beautiful shoes industries, unforgettable dress and Chuang Ji marriage already with the shell copy a 3 D the magic mirror carry out close cooperation,Burberry outlet, and take good market feedback.Believe under this arousing of unrest, shell's copying a 3 D magic mirror will walk into each terminal store in the door, is a consumer and executive to bring a not- general experience!

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