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October 7

How can dialysis Chinese shoes Qi draw up to walk out strategic policy

recently, the incorporated company of the Ao Kang shoes industry in Zhejiang received the statement of verdict that EU superior court bottom reaches and finally justified EU entry-level court in taking up Ao Kang to defend the case of EU anti-dumping, the item of the law uses separately not appropriate, the lack was fair, the final trial judges Chinese Ao Kang to win in lawsuit.This consume 6 years of the lawsuit finally win and draw lessons from for Chinese business enterprise actively shoulding to the international trade barracks providing beneficially.

Ao Kang's waiting shoes Qi actively should tell EU anti-dumping

2005, European Commission after cancel before now keep on 14 years to Chinese shoes practice quota restriction after, owing to China has already joined WTO organization, re- adjusts strategy and starts anti-dumping to register for the record a survey to Chinese shoes.

October 7, 2006, EU to China-made shoes industry formally implementation for expect anti-dumping the measure collect 16.5% a large amount of anti - dumping duties for two years, China is involved business enterprise more than 1200 houses.

face anti-dumping of EU big stick, at the same year October 23, Ao Kang associately Tai horse, and gold Lyu...etc.4 shoes Qis initiate public prosecution to EU entry-level court.

however, Chinese shoes Qi's courageously rising should tell and defend to have no to can obstruct the big stick of EU anti-dumping heavily falls in.This anti-dumping measure originally expires to terminate till October, 2008, but the European Commission decision launches "the period expires appeals trial" to Chinese shoes anti-dumping case.In December, 2009, EU makes to appeal trial decision, under the sistuation that have no full reason, prolong again for 15 months to the anti-dumping measure of Chinese shoes, then go to March 31, 2011.

March, 2010, EU entry-level court nonsuit Ao Kang etc.5 shoes Qis in China of litigation claim, declare Chinese shoes Qi a review to lose in lawsuit,Echarpe Burberry pas cher.On April 8, 2010, Chinese commerce department appeals to higher court into WTO, requests WTO to establish expert's team and moderates to solve the not fair international trade point of dispute that is started by EU.

under the layer after layer pressure, Tai horse, and gold Lyu...etc.4 shoes Qis withdraw a litigation aggro.

face this rigorous situation, Ao Kang resolute decision"keep on beating", continue to appeal to higher court into EU superior court, the single-handed"again fight two to review".

March 31, 2011, prolong anti-dumping the measure expire for 15 month, EU declares from those early years from April 1, formally cancel to collect 16.5% a large amount of anti - dumping duties on Chinese shoes.From here this the one dimension held 5 years of long not reasonable trade protection measure to finally "die peacefully in bed".

however, this was just experienced EU government to terminate to impose sanction against measure, but don't conclude the law lawsuit of anti-dumping up the one side.Aggressive effort after Ao Kang, the EU deluxe court finally formally descends to reach statement of verdict on November 15, 2012, the final judgment Ao Kang wins in lawsuit.

Chinese business enterprise should increase to compete Fa code

the relevant law expert said, this Chinese business enterprise defended the direct advantage obtaining to win in lawsuit to acquire"ocean lawsuit" of EU anti-dumping:One is who lose in lawsuit who undertake, EU will undertake all litigation fees and anticipate to be up to about CNY 5,000,000.Two is EU to want to send back already and take anti-dumping duty for 3 years to Chinese business enterprise and the importer.More important BE, should tell anti-dumping lawsuit to provide to draw lessons from for Chinese business enterprise.

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